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United Freeware

Setup Mail Image Attachment Workflow 1.0

Download Setup Mail Image Attachment Workflow 1.0Setup Mail Image Attachment Workflow 1.0 Setup Mail Image Attachment Workflow This application will create new rule in Mail that scans messages from specified sender & imports any image attachments they contain into Aperture. Great for collaborating with group. Read more…

Jewish Holiday Calendar 1.0

Download Jewish Holiday Calendar 1.0Jewish Holiday Calendar 1.0 Jewish Holiday Calendar Jewish Holiday Calendar. Read more…

Box Shot 3D 2.13.2

Download Box Shot 3D 2.13.2Box Shot 3D 2.13.2 Box Shot 3D
Allows to render software boxes ebook covers CD & DVD boxes brochures magazines & much more. Powered by raytracing engine Box Shot 3D creates photorealistic images just in few mouse clicks.

Whats New in this Version. Added default names for saving projects & images. Ad Read more…

Second Life 1.23.5

Download Second Life 1.23.5Second Life 1.23.5 Second LifeIn little over year Second Lifes residents have crafted richly-textured world filled with hundreds of thousands of objects of their own creation. Complex & compelling characters dwell in every conceivable building from whimsical Hobbit-houses to soaring urban towers to medieval Read more…

Pleasant3D 1.1

Download Pleasant3D 1.1Pleasant3D 1.1 Pleasant3D
Use this application to prepare STL files for printing on 3D printers like MakerBot RepRap or others. You can view STL & GCode files & do basic editing on STL files . Pleasant3D also converts ASCII STL files to binary STL.

Whats New in this Version. Pleasant3D now includes Qui Read more…