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Send any audio to AirPort Express units Apple TVs other Macs PCs Linux machines & even iPhone & iPod Touch all in sync It’s your audio — everywhere. With Airfoil you can take audio from any application & send to your AirPort Express units as well as Apple TVs & even other Macs & PCs running Airfoil Speakers And now with Airfoil Speakers Touch you can send audio to the iPhone & iPod Touch as well

Transmit audio from RealPlayer Windows Media Player QuickTime Player & other media players. Send audio from web-based applications like Pandora & other to the AirPort Express. You can even stream audio from audio devices like RadioSHARK XM & Sirius radios around your house. “Wire” your whole house wirelessly & give your audio wings with Airfoil

What’s New in this Version. Airfoil & EyeTV from Elgato now work great together when transmitting audio from EyeTV Airfoil will adjust the local video to play in sync with remote audio . Pulling audio from VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop is now much simpler simply set Fusion or Desktop as the source in Airfoils Source pop-up & Airfoil will handle the rest. A bug where transmitting Front Row without Instant Hijack installed would fail silently instead of presenting error has been fixed.

Category Audio
Operating System Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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