FourEyes3D 1.1

Download FourEyes3D 1.1FourEyes3D 1.1 FourEyes3D Add live 3D camera support to any camera-enabled application . Everything is better live in 3D Stickam ustream youtube If you can stream it you can do it in 3D. Snapshots video recordings ANYTHING All you need is pair of cheap USB webcams. Combine them with FourEyes3D magic camera driver into live 3D stereo virtual camera that can be used in most QuickTime-compatible camera applications . Works with all b-l-a-c-k-o-p products & most others including QuickTime Pro & most web/Flash browser video/cam applications.

Use readily available & inexpensive RED/CYAN anaglyph glasses. Yes its revolutionary technology perfected in the 1950s by Polaroid founder Edwin Land. Called stereoscopic imaging it allows you to capture & broadcast live to the internet in 3D. While Mr. Land preferred the polarized glasses now employed in Disney 3D your viewers will wear the retro 3D red/cyan glasses

Whats New in this Version Improved stability of virtual camera driver under Snow Leopard.

Category Video
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4.1 or later

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