Infovox iVox 2.0

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Provides Mac OS X users with the best text-to-speech voices ever on the Mac. You wont believe your ears hearing these natural-sounding voices, available in 22 different languages. What is more, they can be used in any Mac OS X application that uses speech.

The Infovox iVox voices, once installed on the computer, appear in the Speech panel of the System Preferences & can be used by any application that has speech functionality, including Preview, TextEdit, Mail, Microsoft Word , VisioVoice, Proloquo, GhostReader, Acrobat, AppleScript, Automator, Kurzweil 3000 for Macintosh , TextHelp Read & Write Gold for Mac & many others.

You can also use Infovox iVox with Mac OS X built-in speech & accessibility features. Including the Mac OS X built-in VoiceOver screen reader. Many more features.

Whats New in this Version. Infovox iVox 2.0 offers Snow Leopard compatibility. Significantly improves performance & responsiveness. Adds number of new voices for the following languages: Arabic, French, German, Flemish, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese & Turkish. This brings the total to 22 languages.

Category : Home Learning
Operating System : Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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