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Print from iCal to your day planner Or from Microsoft Entourage Google Calendar Etc. iPlanner is powerful utility to bridge the gap between Apples iCal software & popular paper based planning systems like Franklin/Covey & Day-Timer.

And by using iCals ability to sync with Microsoft Entourage Google Calendar & others you can print all your calendars onto your pre-printed planner pages. By formatting the data stored in iCal & printing it onto paper planner pages youll get the best of both worlds the powerful time management capabilities of iCal & the tactile friendliness & portability of paper planner.

iPlanner is particularly suited for those who have large todo lists as it can print more todo on your planner page than you can print from iCal. 40 different page styles are supported.

Whats New in this Version. Rewritten in XCode. Increased Speed. Weekly Formats. Real time preview

Category iCal Calendars
Operating System Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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