MacVector 11.0.4

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Provides sequence editing primer design internet database searching protein analysis sequence confirmation multiple sequence alignment phylogenetic reconstruction coding region analysis & wide variety of other functions. MacVector is widely regarded as the most intuitive easy to use program available for sequence analysis.

Whats New in this Version. Supports the Invitrogen Gateway TOPO TA & Zero Blunt cloning technologies & has new Ligation dialog that lets you manipulate sticky ends during cloning simulations to create recombinant molecules. . A new Auto-Annotation function lets you quickly annotate plain or partially annotated sequence molecule by scanning it against folder of existing annotated sequences. . Additional enhancements include customizable ribbon toolbar containing buttons for most of MacVectors analysis & manipulation functions rewritten sequence editor & support for de novo assembly of next generation sequencing data in FastQ format.

Category Math Science
Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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